Chapter nine; a team made

As James paced in his room waiting for Lacie to tell her finally how he felt, he felt sick to his stomach. What if she rejected him? He couldn’t blame her, he had made her try to be nice to Rin even though how rude she was that James just now figured out. He kept thinking over what he would say and how he could say it. A part of him was excited, another part terrified.

He kept pacing until he heard the door open and Lacie’s voice. He rushed out of his room and down the stairs. “Lacie!”

“Nice place,” he heard a strange voice say. It was definitely a males with a strange accent attached to it. He stopped before he reached the bottom step. He listen carefully to hear them speak more.

“You can put me down now,” Lacie said, her voice seemed somewhat quiet compared to how James usually heard her speak. “People were giving us strange looks all the way here.”

“That’s what happens when we look like newlyweds, Lacie.” The strange man said. Lacie laughed a little bit, James smiled at the sound of her laugh then he figured out what the man said. Newlyweds? Was it true, did Lacie just get married?  James heart started to beat faster and faster. James jumped over the last few steps and into the parlor to meet Lacie and her new ‘friend’.

“James?” Lacie asked. Lacie was standing next to the man that was about James’ height. He was far more tanned than James along with his black hair and brown eyes. “I thought you would be with Rin for the rest of the day,” she said and looked away from James, not wanting to make eye contact.

“She left,” is all that James could manage to say.

“Where are my manners,” Lacie started. “This is Sir Vilade, he is detective that will be working on the case with me,” Lacie said and pointed at Brenson. Brenson tipped his head in James direction.

“It is very nice to meet you?”

“James Watson the second,” he said coldly. He looked back at Lacie,”May I speak with you for a moment?” When Lacie nodded but didn’t move neither did Brenson, he added,”In private?”

“Oh, If you want to stay in my library you can, it is right through there,” Lacie said and pointed at a door.

“Yes, I would love to.” Brenson walked into the other room but sent a glare towards James. James turned back to Lacie and walked forward until he was about a foot away from here.

“What to explain the man that is now in our home,” James asked.

“He fresh off the train and didn’t have a place to stay. We are working together on the case with me, I thought I just explained that.”

“You introduced me to him, not explaining anything else,” James said with a frown. “The Lacie I know doesn’t take in people just like that.” Lacie rolled her eyes.

“Relax, he saved my life today, it’s the least I can do.” Lacie found herself exhausted, this was to much for just one day on a case. She knew that she should probably  tell James about what happen, but she couldn’t find it in her. She lost most of the evidence because of the bomb, and Sir Redwood was probably in need of her help now. She still didn’t want to look James in the eyes after accusing Rin of being the murderer, but she knew deep in her heart that Rin was it.

“Save your life? What happen to you while you were gone?” James put is hands on her shoulders and forced her to look up at him. “Look, I’m not angry about earlier. Rin left and probably won’t ever come back, Lacie we have something to special for a person like Rin to get in the way of.”

“Are you drunk,” Lacie said as she looked up at him. James laughed a little and smiled down at her. “Look, a bomb went off at the crime scene of the newest murder, Sir Redwood is there now and Brenson and I are working together to try and solve this case as soon as possible.” She brushed off James’ hands off her shoulders and marched into the library, leaving a confused James behind.

She found Brenson with a book open in his hands about graves in Romania. He didn’t seem to notice her,”That is a wonderful book,” Lacie said with a smile. Brenson looked up from the book and closed the book. He smiled at her and set the book down on the writing desk. “Only problem is that it tries proving Dracula was truly a vampire in the final chapters.”

“I was wondering why it focused so closely on the graves near his castle, mystery solved,” he said in his dark voice. “Shall we get to work?”



Lacie and Brenson went through all of the records and evidence that Lacie had, James had wondered in sometimes but always was shoved out by Lacie. They were both exhausted when a man in the police uniform came in with a letter addressed to Lacie. She opened the letter that was clearly from Sir Redwood. She read over the letter and gasped. She gripped the bridge of her nose and let out a long sigh. “Why?” Brenson took the letter from it and read it over.

“Another murder, it has only been seven hours?” He threw the letter on the ground and stood up. “Twenty murders in all now.” Lacie’s head snapped up at the number. Brenson saw her and explained,”Three here and seventeen back in Italy. Whoever this person is, they are practically everywhere. Almost as if there are a million of them.” Then it hit Lacie like a brick wall.

“There is a million of them!” She yelled and jumped up from her seat. “It’s not just one person, its a group. It all makes since now! The man at the scene was there to get more victims and he obviously wasn’t the murderer because he is dead now. Now we have a new murder, no one in there healthy state of mind could complete that much work. I am assuming that they have a times when they murder and they are all serving one person.”

“That would make since, someone couldn’t travle that fast,” Brenson said and tried to puzzle it all together. “I had a man captured a year ago, he babbled something about a true queen. I thought he was insane, but is it possible for them to be serving a woman like a queen?”

“Yes, I had one a few days ago and he said that too. They are probably all around the world and send out messages for their times.” Brenson nodded. “The man I got arrested is in jail now, tomorrow morning we head there. I want to know everything about this queen.”

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Chapter eight; another heart added

Sir redwood and Lacie hopped out of the carriage and pushed through the crowd that had gathered the see the body. Lacie followed Sir Redwood who looked like a pro pushing the people to the side while saying that he was the police. They walked past the guard who looked at Lacie strangly while they hurried past. Lacie remembered that she was wearing the police uniform, she doubted that anyone would makeher go away with it on.

People stood over the body of the newest victim. Lacie stopped dead in her tracks as she came into the scene. Dead roses scattered the ground where and around the body laid. A dagger was struck through the man’s neck, holding a playing card to the victim. Lacie stepped forward before Sir Redwood could stop her. He was fast on her tracks as she stood over the body. “May I see the card,” she asked. Sir Redwood nodded, knowing that it was only for Lacie. Lacie gripped the handle of the dagger and pulled out of the mans neck. The card laid there waiting for her. She dropped the dagger and picked up the card. “I want someone to check out that dagger, see who it was made by,” Lacie said. Redwood nodded and walked away to tell a police men.

Lacie looked at the card, a three of hearts this time. Lacie thought about it for a moment, an extra heart? She wondered to herself. She turned the card over in her hands, it sticky with blood. In black ink it read,’Take care of the new guest in this game, he will need some protection.’ This was a way longer than the prevous messeges. The new guest to the game? Lacie found this more annyoing than before. “Lacie, can you come over here for a moment?” Sir Redwood called.

Lacie turned around and saw Sir Redwood talking to someone. She walked over to Sir Redwood, placing the card in her pocket as she did so. She stood next to Sir Redwood and looked at the person. It was a man that was about a few inches taller than Lacie. He had dark black hair that hung in his eyes with deep brown eyes. His skin was tanned which meant he probably wasn’t from London. He wore a black coat and a gray suit. He seemed like a few years older than Lacie.

“This is Sir Vilade, he is a dectective from Italy. I assume you two could work together for the time being?” Sir Redwood asked. Lacie looked at Sir Redwood confused for a moment. “I know you want your space, but I really need you to finish this case for me. I know I am asking a lot of you, Lacie.”

“I don’t mind,” Lacie said to Sir Redwoods surprise. He nodded and turned back to Sir Vilade.

“This is Lady Holmes, you two be nice,” Sir Redwood said and walked away, other policemen calling his name. Lacie looked up at Sir Vilade, the extra heart in their game.

“You should leave,” He said before Lacie had the chance to. She looked at him surprised, his cold brown eyes stared her down. She returned the stare with her icy blue ones.

“You should be the one to leave,” Lacie finally said. Sir Vilade reached into his pocket and showed her a playing card matching the one she just got. Three of hearts along with the same message she got moments ago.

“I rather you not die and it be on my hands, Lady Holmes.” His voice was surprising soft to Lacie. She looked at him confused. She finally reached into her pocket of the police uniform and pulled out her card.

“Same for you Sir Vilade,” she said. He looked at the card and back at Lacie, for a moment she thought she saw him curse.

“How many of these have you gotten,” he questioned. Lacie replaced the card in her pocket.

“Three, what about you?”

“The same. I feel as if we have been played,” Sir Vilade said with a frown. Lacie caught a faint accent when he spoke. “I came here because of I heard that other murders were happening here like the ones back home.”

“How many and where exactly,” Lacie asked. A fierce wind blew through their are. Sir Vilade tightened his coat around hima nd stuffed his gloved hands into his pockets. Lacie, who was use to the cold air, felt sorry for him. “Would you like to return to your home or somewhere else? It seems like we will have a lot of talking to do.”

Sir Vilade looked at Lacie and smiled,”I would like that very much if I had a place to stay. I just got off the train, my bags are by the gaurd right now.” Lacie felt a pang of sympathy for him. To be swept into a case in a new city that he had never been to had to be hard. The last thing she wanted was to go back home, she didn’t have anywhere else to go.

“We can go to my home where you can stay if you want,” she said. Sir Vilade nodded and smiled.

“Thank yo-” He was caught off by someone yelling. They both turned around to find the front gaurd trying to push someone away.

“Only police are allowed here, Sir!” He yelled for what seemed like the fifth time. The man kept yelling another langauge at the gaurd while he tried to get past the gaurd. He looked straight at Lacie and Sir Vilade and grinned. Sir Vilade’s eyes widen at what he saw in the man’s hands.

“Get down!” He yelled and tackled Lacie to the ground just as the explosive in the man’s hand went off. Lacie was confused and startled but she knew whoever was saving her truely saved her life. She held onto Sir Vilade with all of her might. He pinned her to the ground with both of his arms, using his back as their shield. When time seemed to start again, he opened his eyes and looked down at Lacie. “Are you ok?” Despite the shock from what happen, Lacie found the strength to nod her head.

Sir Vilade stood up and offered his hand to Lacie. She took it and stood up to fins her legs not wanting to work. Her legs buckled together and just as she was about to fall, two arms wrapped around her. “You aren’t ok,” Sir Vilade concluded.

“I’m fine,” she tried to say but it came out long and muffled. Sir Vilade grinned and hoisted Lacie up into his arms.

“I will carry you home,” he said. Lacie stared at the man in disbelief. He looked back at Sir Redwood whow as trying to give out orders. Sir Redwood nodded and waved the detectives away. “May I at least know your first name?”

“Lacie, and yours?”

“Brenson Vilade, Lacie.”

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Chapter seven; Not enough hope

Lacie stared at James in disbelief, her once best friend that always backed her up with everything was now against her. “Lacie, you need sleep.” James put a hand on her shoulder and smiled. “Sleep, please.” Lacie wasn’t one to listen to other, or run run away. But this case had her so confused and lost, and it was only the first day on it. Lacie lost grip on the rose in her hand, and let it slide out of her hand. Now, not careful to watch out for the thrones, her fingers dripped blood. She didn’t care about the pain, she wasn’t sure about these feeling swirling inside of her.

Lacie found the only thing to do now was run. She run away for the second time today, James reached out for her and called her name, but she didn’t pay attention to it. She kept running until she hit the road, where she was met by a familiar face.


James stood in the hallway and stared after Lacie. The worrying feeling in his chest that he always had now grew larger. He knew that Lacie would be fine on her own, she could fight off the biggest of enemies, but now she was lost. James felt guilty. Lacie was raised differently than everybody else, and she did seem selfish to the outside world, but James knew the real Lacie. One of his most regretful moments of his life was when Lacie jumped in front of a bullet for James. She acted like it was nothing, but James felt as if she would do anything for him and the world. He turned back to Rin,”I need to go after her.”

“Why? She will be fine,” Rin said, sounding like an innocent child. James looked at her confused for a moment and then tried to smile. “She just lost her favorite toy, so she is angry.”

“I am not a toy to Lacie,” James said defensively. He had been told that before, Lacie wasn’t the type to think of people as toys. “She is just lost, that’s all.”

“She isn’t lost, James. She is angry that you are leaving her behind, she has had you all to herself for her whole like, now she can’t anymore.”

“I’m not leaving her behind, I will never do that.” James wasn’t sure where this new personality was coming from, but he didn’t like the new Rin.

“I thought we were moving in together,” Rin questioned.

“We will, the three of us. You, me, and Lacie.” Rin looked at James with anger in her eyes. The last thing Rin wanted was for Lacie to live with them . “Lacie and I have always been side by side, that won’t ever change.”

“What would happen if she died, what would you do? Kill yourself to be with her again?” James never thought about it before. What would he do if Lacie died? Then he remembered that Lacie was out by herself on the streets, the worrying in her chest grew larger. “James, she is in love with you. That is the only reason she angry with us being together.”

“Lacie doesn’t love me like that, Lacie doesn’t love anyone like that,” James laughed for a bit. The idea of Lacie falling in love with James seemed like a joke. He never thought that Lacie could hold that type of feelings for anyone. She was Lacie Holmes, like her father, how could she be distracted by such foolish feelings.

“Then how do you feel for her,” Rin asked. James’ eyes widen for a moment. He never thought about it. That was a lie. He did think about it, almost everyday. How things would be different if Lacie and himself were a couple rather than best friends and partners. He always thought that it was rubbish, him thinking that way. He grew up with Lacie, watched her grow up with him. He protected her against everyone in the world even though he knew she could do it herself. He hated every man that she went out to dinner with a Passion, always saying that he didn’t deserve a look from Lacie. He always wrote it off as being protective. Now that Rin said it, he felt like it always right in front of him.

The feelings he had for Lacie was always covered up, but now in the light they seemed like something that a mere idiot could see. “I’m leaving, you can call me when you figure out that I am way better than that trash.” Rin slipped on her gown over her head and put on her huge coat. James didn’t notice her leaving, still thinking about what just happened. Rin stomped out of the town house, feeling as if she had more of her job to finish.


Lacie stood in the changing room at the police headquarters. She changed into a spare uniform they had that would fit her fine for the time being. Mr. Redwood stood outside patiently awaiting the girl. He had went to her townhouse, hoping for some kind of advancement in the case, he found Lacie running out of the house with tears in her eyes. He took her back to the Police headquarters and let her stay there while she calmed down. She walked out of the changing room and nodded to Sir Redwood. “Feeling better?”

“Yes, thank you.” Anything was better than staying in those clothes that smelled like James more and more with every step she took. “I don’t think you want any of my evidence for the case.”

“Relax, Lacie. I just want to hear what happened.” He showed Lacie to a table with tea set out. She remembered how hungry she way. She was happy to see the small sandwiches sat on a plate waiting for her. She sat down at the table and started to eat the small foods.

“So, I found the suspected murder weapon-” Lacie started but was cut off by Sir Redwood.

“I want to know why you ran out of your own home with tears in your eyes and your fingers cut.” Lacie looked down at her cut fingers that were bandaged. “Lacie?”

“I tried to arrest Rin Ninstred as the murderer in the case, I still believe that she is, and James told me that I needed sleep and I was thinking crazy thoughts. I know she did it, everything matches up.”

“Well, just kill two birds with one stone and explain why you think she is the killer.” Lacie looked up at Sir Redwood and explained everything. He nodded while he listened to the story at the end he commented,”I think you are right. I just don’t know how we can get her on just that evidence.”

“Finally someone gets it!” Sir Redwood grinned and nodded. When he was about to open his mouth to ask her another question, one of his deputies ran in.

“Sir! There was another murder!” Lacie and Sir Redwood looked up. They looked at each other and  jumped up from the table. Lacie making sure to grab the rest of the snacks as they hurried out of the headquarters and into the carriage ready to take them to the scene of the crime.

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Chapter six: Blind running

Lacie didn’t know where she was going, but knew the best place was away from James. Whoever the murderer was, they loved hurting Lacie. She felt in her gut that it was the woman from the previous night. Dark cloak and small hands, that only describes all of the woman in London. The roses, that had to be a clue. It would take some money to buy that many roses, the dark red roses would have to be specially taken care of. Lacie stopped from her running to think about it. A nursery, that would be the only place to buy that many roses. There were two in London, if someone would remember the woman, Lacie would at least have some kind of suspects.

She hauled a cab,”Take me to the London home of flowers,” she ordered as she jumped inside. The London home of flowers was the place to go to for flowers for weddings. Lacie wasn’t sure if they would sell you flowers just for that kind of occasion. The taxi stopped by the glass domed flower home. She gave thirty pounds to the driver,”Wait here for me.” The man nodded and crossed his arms over his chest. Lacie spun on her heal and marched into the business. Three woman were spread out inside, all taking care of different types of flowers. One of the woman that looked about Lacie’s age walked over to her.

“Hello, Miss. May I help you with anything?” Lacie stuffed her hands in her pockets and tried to smile.

“I have celebrating my engagement this weekend,” Lacie lied. The girl’s face lit up in excitement. “My fiance’s favorite flower are very rare, I was wondering if you carried them?”

“We carry all kinds of rare flowers, Madam. What type are they?”

“I don’t know the name of them, but they are very dark red roses.” Lacie could tell by the look on the girl’s face showed that she knew exactly the type of flower Lacie was looking for.

“Winter roses! How romantic,” the girl sighed. “Follow me, Madam.” Lacie followed the girl to the back of the dome where a dark corner was held. The darkest roses that Lacie had ever seen bloomed. “They hate bright places, and bloom in the coldest weather. They mean love will never die.” Lacie could see why the girl thought they were romantic.

“Wonderful,” Lacie said. “How many other people have gotten these before?” The girl gave her a confused look,”Just wondering, that’s all.”

“Only one person this week, Madam. The girl bought half of our supply of them.” Lacie felt excited for a moment. She found a lead. “She said something about celebrating an evening with her lover.” I found her, Lacie thought to herself.

“Who was it, I might know her?” Lacie tried her best to imitade the other nobles and high standing girls and women she heard gossiping.

“Miss. Nnstred I believe, she is that daughter of the metel making company.” Lacie’s face fell. “Do you know her, Madam?”

“Yes, I do. I am also not very found of her,” Lacie mumbled. The girl laughed and smiled. It looked as if the girl hadn’t had a chanse to gosip before.

“I heard she is speaking with this new man, but she is quite the flirt.” Lacie’s eyes lit up, finally something that she could use against Rin. Except it Lacie, if the roses were the same that scattered the floor at the murder scene. They didn’t find the girl’s body either, it was highly possible that Rin was the murderer. “I heard that she sleeps around like no one would ever know.”

“I can’t believe it, that is quite some news,” Lacie said with a smile. The girl nodded and laughed a little bit.

“May I wrap up some of these for you, Madam?” Lacie nodded. “How many, and may I have a name?”

“Just one, and Holmes.”



Lacie had found exactly what she was looking for in the case. She didn’t think that she could solve it that quickly. The cards and daggers still scared her, especially since it is coming from someone close to James. Lacie twirled the dark rose in her hand as she sat in the cab. The cab stopped at her home. She tipped the driver another few pounds and walked back into her home. She opened the door to find the waiting room and pallor both empty of James. “James, I’m back!” No one replied.

She was starting to get worried. On the way back, she had planned all out how Rin murdered the man. She layed out the roses, she could tell from the texture of the flowers at the scene, that they were covered with some kind of poison. The poison wasn’t enough to kill the man, but enough to make him sleepy. Her family owned metal making companies, of course she would have some kind of expirence with the substance. The dagger she used as the murder weapon that she found in the wall was it. How she got into her home was still confusing to Lacie, but she knew that Rin was it.

“James! You here?” Finally the answer came back.

“Yes, but I’m sleeping right now. Wake me up in a few hours!” Lacie couldn’t wait any longer to give him the news. She knew that she shouldn’t be, but he had to know. Lacie rased up the stairs.

“You want to here this news, I promise it.” She came to his door as soon as James appeared at it. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, but just his trousers. “Why aren’t you wearing your shirt?”

“I don’t wear a shirt while I sleep,” he lied. He closed the door quickly behind himself. Lacie gave him a confused look.

“You never sleep without a shirt, and you also never close you door.” lacie couldn’t help like he was hiding something. She shook away the thoughts and smiled. “I need to tell you something.”

“Can it wait, I am really tired.” Lacie shook her head.

“Do you have the roses we got from the scene, I need to see them right now.” James shook his head.

“Lacie, I am exhausted and I need sleep.” Lacie felt like he was being very annyoing at the moment. “Tell me in a few-” He was cut off by the door opening. Lacie stared at the girl, only wearing one of James button up shirts that came to her knees. It was Rin. Lacie felt anger fire up in her chest.

“What are you doing here, Holmes,” Rin asked disgusted.

“I live here, I am also happy to see you. You are under arrest for murder,” Lacie proudly proclaimed. Rin looked at Lacie like her head was on fire.

“Lacie, are you crazy,” James yelled. “There is no way she could of killed that man!”

“Those roses were bought by her, her family makes metals that are used for weapons. The man was killed by a dagger, everything meets up.”

“I was with James the entire time, you can ask him,” Rin asked.

“She’s right, Lacie.”



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Chapter five: time to play the game

“What is this supposed to mean,” James asked. He took the card and read it over and over again in his head. “What physco are we dealing with?” He looked back down at Lacie, who was staring at the wall, terror written all over her face. He wrapped an arm around her and pulled her close,”It’s going to be fine, I promise.”

“They don’t want to kill just to kill, they want to hurt me.” Lacie had been kidnapped and tortured before, she lived through it and had the scares to prove it, but this feeling was ten times worst. She knew who she loved most in the world, and she couldn’t loose him. She would give James up to Rin any day rather than letting him get into harms way. “Who are you,” she whispered to herself. James pulled her closer to him and wrapped both his arms around her this time. Her face hit his chest, and James put his head on the top of hers.

“I will protect you, you know that right?”  When she didn’t answer, James knew that she didn’t want to talk to anyone. He let her go and took her hand,”Let’s start to investigate.” She nodded and started to walk around the room. She put the dagger in her coat pocket as James held onto the card. She started to go through the pieces of funiture, looking for any kind of evidence. She found more blood everywhere she stepped. The much blood couldn’t of come from just the dagger, she thought to herself. James studied the roses, knowing they weren’t normal flowers. He picked one up and placed it in his pocket.

After about another hour of searching the place, they both decided to head back to the townhouse. Both had a sack filled with evidence. They hurried out of the door and ran back to where they came in. After of testing her faith that James would catch Lacie when she jumped outof the window, they were on their way back home.

When home, Lacie found herself starving for food. She walked into the kitchen and started to search the cabinates for food. As she found some biscuits that would work until dinner time, she turned back around. She dropped the plate of biscuits as a dagger stared back at her stuck in the wall. The dagger was like the first one she found, holding a card to the wall. She was almost scared to pull out the dagger, but she reminded herself who she was. She was the daughter of  Sherlock Holmes, she was Lacie Holmes and she could do anything!

She pulled out the dagger and caught the playing card in the air. A two of hearts stared at her. She turned over the card to read in red letters this time,’You two are quite cute together.’ She felt herlself wash over with anger. How dare this murderer talk about James, or even think about him. “Lacie, I am going to go take a bath!” James houted through the house.

HE can’t know, Lacie thought to herself. “Ok.” She yelled back. She had to get out of the house, she changed her coat, his all of her evidence in her room and ran out of the home. She had to find something to help her witht he evidence!

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Chapter four: A new day

James and Lacie sat in the pallor room in their London town house as they reviewed the file they put together over the murder that had happened the previous night. They didn’t sleep or have eaten, the only thing they did was put on a change of clothes. James looked over the very little notes he had on the body as Lacie reviewed the words of the people that saw the body fall. “I saw him earlier,” Lacie finally mentioned. She sat down her notes, and leaned back in the over cushioned chair.

James looked up from his notes and up at Lacie. “When,” he questioned. He knew Lacie usually said this kind of stuff before hand, but found it strange of her to bring it up after they already have their notes.

“At the restaurant while I was waiting on you,” she started. She didn’t bother to mention Rain,”There was a cloaked figure in black that went threw a door that said for employees only. She didn’t look like one, so I followed her. I found her making sweet talk to our waiter. I assumed they were lovers, so I left them alone.” She gripped the bridge of her nose,”She is probably the murderer, or rather in fact!” Lacie jumped up from her seat and grabbed Jame’s hand. “They wouldn’t let us search the place then, she could of been murdered as well.”

“How come you didn’t mention this earlier,” James questioned as he grabbed his coat beside the door and handed Lacie hers. He looked at her skeptically, then noticing that she was wearing her work clothes which consisted of tight trousers that use to belong to James about ten years ago and an over sized white button-up shirt. Her boots laced up to her knees and added about an inch to her height. She would get strange looks from people on the streets, but James knew they didn’t have time to waste. Lacie put on her coat came to the back of her knees. She didn’t bother to button the red coat.

“Don’t act like I’m a suspect,” she scolded. James rolled his eyes, and opened the door for her. She rushed through the door. Instead of waiting on a taxi, she burst into a run down the street, forcing James to catch up. He looked the door behind him and threw the key into his pocket. He ran after Lacie, having to dodge bystanders that cursed at him. Lacie was a fast runner, that helped her in pursuit of a target, but wasn’t help James at the moment.

He finally caught up with her as she made a turn onto a street. They finally made it to the restaurant, Lacie pounded on the doors until they would open. The sign said that it wouldn’t open until five, Lacie found that completely rude. “Lacie, I don’t think anyone is here!”

“They have rooms here for some of the servers to live in, I am sure that someone is in here,” Lacie yelled as she pounded against the door again. She had finally found some kind of lead, maybe a clue. She pounded against the door until it started to hurt, this didn’t make her stop. “Let us in!”

“Lacie!” James grabbed her hand, making her stop hitting the door. Blood trickled down from her knuckles, she looked up at James confused and shook for a moment. James’ usual grin fell as he studied the wound. “Please be more careful,” he said and pulled out a handkerchief and tied it around her hand.

“You don’t have to take care of me like that,” she mumbled. James reachieved his grin and patted Lacie on the head.

“Of  course I do, you’re my Lacie.” He let go of Lacie’s hand and looked at the door. “I don’t think we can pick that lock, we have to break in.” Lacie knew he was right, but the idea of breaking in seemed a little rash. They had broken in many times to different places, but this was an actual business. Lacie was sure they wouldn’t be very forgiving if the owners found out. They just can’t find out, Lacie told herself.

“There are windows on the other side of the building,” Lacie said and pointed at the far end. They walked around the building, making sure no one was watching, until they came to the backside of the building. Windows lined the wall and scattered up to the top of the building. The closet building would need a ladder, or rather someone lifting either Lacie or James up.

“I could lift you up there and you help me up,” James suggested. Lacie nodded and readied herself. James lifted her up onto his shoulders. She was light, but James found it difficult to balance them both. Lacie did her best to hurry and open the window. As she slid the window open, she gripped the windowpane and hoisted herself into the room. She fell on her stomach in what looked like an unused room. The bed was made but hadn’t seena guest in many years. Dusted covered every surface, and Lacie could see a rat scury across the floor. She pushed herself up, finding the pain in her hand now. She looked out the window at James waiting for her. She leaned through the window and offered him a hand.

“Hurry,” she whispered. James jumped and grabbed Lacie’s hand with all of his strength, almost taking her out of the window. She pulled him up with as much strength as she had. They made it into the room, Lacie sitting down trying to catch her breath and James laying on his stomach. James looked up at Lacie and smiled. “Don’t smile that like, stupid.”

“I just want to have fun, since this is going to be my last case,” James said. His eyes grew sad, as Lacie looked at him shocked. Lacie had never cried before in her life, but now she felt the tears swell up in her eyes. The idea of losing James had crossed her mind many times, all of the dangerous situations they had been in brought up the thought, but they always made it out alive and together. Now, the thought was real and going to happen. “I wanted tot ell you before, but I couldn’t manage it.”

“But why,” Lacie whispered. James sat up and put his hand on Lacie’s cheek, seeing the tears forming. “You can’t leave like that.”

“I have too, Rain doesn’t like me being in this kind of occupation. I really want to make her happy,” James said and tried to smile. He didn’t want to admit that he wanted to make Lacie happier than anybody else. “I want this case to be the best, Girly.”

Lacie hated the girl even more now, she didn’t want to be selfish. She held onto James more than anything else in her life, so how was she suposed to give him up without a second thought. “Promise me, we will still be best friends,” Lacie whispered, her voice cracking.

“Always and forever, remember you are my girl and always will be.” Lacie nodded and stood up, followed by James. The made it out of the room and into the hallway, making sure not to make a sound.

“It was up this way,” Lacie said in hushed tone. The hurried up the staircase and looked around for anyone that would see them. Lacie pointed at the door that she saw the waiter and girl at. James nodded and went up to the door. Lacie turned around to keep watch as James broke the door handle, leaving the once locked door wide open. They hurried inside, trying to push the door back and holding it closed. Lacie found a chair beside the door and pulled it in front of the door to keep it closed. She turned back around along with James and stared at the room. Dead roses laid scattered over the room to where you couldn’t the floor. The room was torn into pieces. The bed was broken, the drawers laid on the ground in separate pieces. The window was broken letting in the cold London air as glass tickled the ground.

“What the hell happened,” James whispered and started to walk around the room. Lacie followed and looked around the room for clues. She noticed a single dagger in the far wall, looking as if it was holding something. She walked over to the lonely dagger and looked, blood stained the dagger. “James, give me a hankercheif.” James reached into his pocket and pulled out a dirtied hankercheif and handed it to Lacie. She took it and wrapped it around the dager and pulled it out of the wall. Something fluttered to the floor as the dagger let go of it’s hold on the wall. Lacie bent down and picked up a playing card. One of hearts, she turned it over in her hand. Spots of blood kissed the card and made it hard to hold almost. On the back of the bard in black letters read ‘Who do you love, Miss. Holmes.’ Lacie looked up at James as he stared down at the card with terror in his eyes,



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Chapter three: One last time

“Victim’s name is Joshua Cagle. Age thirty five, height is 6 foot 2. He has been an employee here for the past six years,” the head of police, Sir Redwood, said. He was much shorter than Lacie and was balding. His once auburn hair was now growing gray along with his beard. He knew Lacie and James fathers, that was the only reason he helped them in any of their cases. He didn’t seem fond of Lacie, but dealt with her. He handed the file over to Lacie.

“Thank you, Officer. I will contact you if there is any leads,” Lacie said and bowed her head. Officer Rewood nodded and looked over at James while he held the hand of a young lady who looked to be scared of the nights events.

“I didn’t know James was seeing anyone,” he said and looked back at Lacie. Her eyes turned sad with a mixture of anger. Redwood knew lacie since she was little, along with James. She was picked on at school and wasn’t very good at making friends, but she always had James. ”He will never leave you, Lacie. He cares for you too much to do that.” Lacie looked up from the floor at Redwood and smiled an unexpeted smile.

“Thank you Sir, I will speak with you about the case later.” She spun on her heal and walked over to James and Rin. James looked up at Lacie and smiled, he turned back to Rin and tried to calm her down. “Maybe you should let her leave,” Lacie suggested.

“That might be a good idea, I will call for your driver Rin.” James said and hurried off to the front desk for a phone. Rin straighten and leaned against the wall.

“I don’t like you, Holmes,” she said and crossed her arms over her chest. Lacie looked up and glared at the girl. ”I really don’t like you around my James.” Lacie couldn’t hold back the laughter that escaped.

“Your James? Where were you when his parents died? Where were you when he got shot in the leg, and were you the one to take the bullet out?” Rin’s eyes widden with surpirse but she regained her glared on Lacie. “I was there, I have always been there and always will be.”

“Rin!” James said as he ran over to the two girls. “Your driver is here. He said he was waiting outside the enitre time.” Rin nodded and started walking towards the front door. 

“I will speak to you later, James. It was intersting to meet you, Lacie Holmes.” She left the room. Lacie let out an angry sigh. James came up beside her and smiled.

“I am sorry for all of this, Girly. Maybe next time there won’t be a murder.” lacie looked up at him and tried to smile.  

“Maybe it won’t be a server next itme,” she said.

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When I needed you the most

Where were you when I needed you?

I still need you;

I need you now more than ever;

I am lost and can’t find my way;

So, where were you when I needed you the most;

I needed you to help me but you walked away;

So now I’m totally alone surrounded by my mistakes and regrets;

I know where you were….you were gone

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Getting out of here fast

You think that smile will work on me like those other girls

Your ego has taken to much of my time already

I don’t care if you think you can get me

I don’t care if you wish I was different

I am who I am

I am amazing and too good for a selfish guy like you

So I will be leaving now and don’t wait for me

No one wants you to waiste your life on something you can’t have

So I suggest moving on or just standing there and starring at me as I leave is a great idea too

Bye Bye

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You don’t have finish the season

“It’s over.” “What do I do now?” “It’s not worth the effort anymore.” “I wish it would just end for everyone!” You might assume that these words might come from someone that might kill themselves, but that is the wrong assumption. These words are coming from a student or person that was injured while being a serious player on a sports team. For some, sports is their entire meaning of life, so when they might get hurt, and not be able to play, it is devastating. To loose the one purpose in you life is like loosing the air you have to breathe. Without it, you can’t survive.

A player with a broken bone, torn muscel, concusion, or any other injury could cause them to not be able to play for weeks to months. This can cause their attitude towards their team mates, coaches, friends, and even family rude or hostile. It can also turn into them not wanting to ever play again, thousands of players a year quite due to injury. This can destory their self image.

A doctor might not be able to help the player like they want too, the player might tell the docotor to let them finish the season, this could cause more damage to them. Some players don’t understand that it is more important to heal than to finish a game. Finishing a season could and will cause more harm than good.

A student that was playing highschool baseball had torn four muscels around his legs and feet.   He told himself that he could finish the season then go to the doctor. He was wrong, he later torw two other muscels and couldn’t walk for weeks. He is now not able to play baseball or any other sports for the rest of his life. This was all because he didn’t want to be taken out of the season.

It isn’t that important, and it isn’t worth risking the rest of your life for, are the words that an injured player needs to hear. It will always be ok and there is no need to hurt yourself more. You will heal and be able to play again.

I love you all and please remeber to comment! Thanks!

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