Chapter seven; Not enough hope

Lacie stared at James in disbelief, her once best friend that always backed her up with everything was now against her. “Lacie, you need sleep.” James put a hand on her shoulder and smiled. “Sleep, please.” Lacie wasn’t one to listen to other, or run run away. But this case had her so confused and lost, and it was only the first day on it. Lacie lost grip on the rose in her hand, and let it slide out of her hand. Now, not careful to watch out for the thrones, her fingers dripped blood. She didn’t care about the pain, she wasn’t sure about these feeling swirling inside of her.

Lacie found the only thing to do now was run. She run away for the second time today, James reached out for her and called her name, but she didn’t pay attention to it. She kept running until she hit the road, where she was met by a familiar face.


James stood in the hallway and stared after Lacie. The worrying feeling in his chest that he always had now grew larger. He knew that Lacie would be fine on her own, she could fight off the biggest of enemies, but now she was lost. James felt guilty. Lacie was raised differently than everybody else, and she did seem selfish to the outside world, but James knew the real Lacie. One of his most regretful moments of his life was when Lacie jumped in front of a bullet for James. She acted like it was nothing, but James felt as if she would do anything for him and the world. He turned back to Rin,”I need to go after her.”

“Why? She will be fine,” Rin said, sounding like an innocent child. James looked at her confused for a moment and then tried to smile. “She just lost her favorite toy, so she is angry.”

“I am not a toy to Lacie,” James said defensively. He had been told that before, Lacie wasn’t the type to think of people as toys. “She is just lost, that’s all.”

“She isn’t lost, James. She is angry that you are leaving her behind, she has had you all to herself for her whole like, now she can’t anymore.”

“I’m not leaving her behind, I will never do that.” James wasn’t sure where this new personality was coming from, but he didn’t like the new Rin.

“I thought we were moving in together,” Rin questioned.

“We will, the three of us. You, me, and Lacie.” Rin looked at James with anger in her eyes. The last thing Rin wanted was for Lacie to live with them . “Lacie and I have always been side by side, that won’t ever change.”

“What would happen if she died, what would you do? Kill yourself to be with her again?” James never thought about it before. What would he do if Lacie died? Then he remembered that Lacie was out by herself on the streets, the worrying in her chest grew larger. “James, she is in love with you. That is the only reason she angry with us being together.”

“Lacie doesn’t love me like that, Lacie doesn’t love anyone like that,” James laughed for a bit. The idea of Lacie falling in love with James seemed like a joke. He never thought that Lacie could hold that type of feelings for anyone. She was Lacie Holmes, like her father, how could she be distracted by such foolish feelings.

“Then how do you feel for her,” Rin asked. James’ eyes widen for a moment. He never thought about it. That was a lie. He did think about it, almost everyday. How things would be different if Lacie and himself were a couple rather than best friends and partners. He always thought that it was rubbish, him thinking that way. He grew up with Lacie, watched her grow up with him. He protected her against everyone in the world even though he knew she could do it herself. He hated every man that she went out to dinner with a Passion, always saying that he didn’t deserve a look from Lacie. He always wrote it off as being protective. Now that Rin said it, he felt like it always right in front of him.

The feelings he had for Lacie was always covered up, but now in the light they seemed like something that a mere idiot could see. “I’m leaving, you can call me when you figure out that I am way better than that trash.” Rin slipped on her gown over her head and put on her huge coat. James didn’t notice her leaving, still thinking about what just happened. Rin stomped out of the town house, feeling as if she had more of her job to finish.


Lacie stood in the changing room at the police headquarters. She changed into a spare uniform they had that would fit her fine for the time being. Mr. Redwood stood outside patiently awaiting the girl. He had went to her townhouse, hoping for some kind of advancement in the case, he found Lacie running out of the house with tears in her eyes. He took her back to the Police headquarters and let her stay there while she calmed down. She walked out of the changing room and nodded to Sir Redwood. “Feeling better?”

“Yes, thank you.” Anything was better than staying in those clothes that smelled like James more and more with every step she took. “I don’t think you want any of my evidence for the case.”

“Relax, Lacie. I just want to hear what happened.” He showed Lacie to a table with tea set out. She remembered how hungry she way. She was happy to see the small sandwiches sat on a plate waiting for her. She sat down at the table and started to eat the small foods.

“So, I found the suspected murder weapon-” Lacie started but was cut off by Sir Redwood.

“I want to know why you ran out of your own home with tears in your eyes and your fingers cut.” Lacie looked down at her cut fingers that were bandaged. “Lacie?”

“I tried to arrest Rin Ninstred as the murderer in the case, I still believe that she is, and James told me that I needed sleep and I was thinking crazy thoughts. I know she did it, everything matches up.”

“Well, just kill two birds with one stone and explain why you think she is the killer.” Lacie looked up at Sir Redwood and explained everything. He nodded while he listened to the story at the end he commented,”I think you are right. I just don’t know how we can get her on just that evidence.”

“Finally someone gets it!” Sir Redwood grinned and nodded. When he was about to open his mouth to ask her another question, one of his deputies ran in.

“Sir! There was another murder!” Lacie and Sir Redwood looked up. They looked at each other and  jumped up from the table. Lacie making sure to grab the rest of the snacks as they hurried out of the headquarters and into the carriage ready to take them to the scene of the crime.

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