Chapter eight; another heart added

Sir redwood and Lacie hopped out of the carriage and pushed through the crowd that had gathered the see the body. Lacie followed Sir Redwood who looked like a pro pushing the people to the side while saying that he was the police. They walked past the guard who looked at Lacie strangly while they hurried past. Lacie remembered that she was wearing the police uniform, she doubted that anyone would makeher go away with it on.

People stood over the body of the newest victim. Lacie stopped dead in her tracks as she came into the scene. Dead roses scattered the ground where and around the body laid. A dagger was struck through the man’s neck, holding a playing card to the victim. Lacie stepped forward before Sir Redwood could stop her. He was fast on her tracks as she stood over the body. “May I see the card,” she asked. Sir Redwood nodded, knowing that it was only for Lacie. Lacie gripped the handle of the dagger and pulled out of the mans neck. The card laid there waiting for her. She dropped the dagger and picked up the card. “I want someone to check out that dagger, see who it was made by,” Lacie said. Redwood nodded and walked away to tell a police men.

Lacie looked at the card, a three of hearts this time. Lacie thought about it for a moment, an extra heart? She wondered to herself. She turned the card over in her hands, it sticky with blood. In black ink it read,’Take care of the new guest in this game, he will need some protection.’ This was a way longer than the prevous messeges. The new guest to the game? Lacie found this more annyoing than before. “Lacie, can you come over here for a moment?” Sir Redwood called.

Lacie turned around and saw Sir Redwood talking to someone. She walked over to Sir Redwood, placing the card in her pocket as she did so. She stood next to Sir Redwood and looked at the person. It was a man that was about a few inches taller than Lacie. He had dark black hair that hung in his eyes with deep brown eyes. His skin was tanned which meant he probably wasn’t from London. He wore a black coat and a gray suit. He seemed like a few years older than Lacie.

“This is Sir Vilade, he is a dectective from Italy. I assume you two could work together for the time being?” Sir Redwood asked. Lacie looked at Sir Redwood confused for a moment. “I know you want your space, but I really need you to finish this case for me. I know I am asking a lot of you, Lacie.”

“I don’t mind,” Lacie said to Sir Redwoods surprise. He nodded and turned back to Sir Vilade.

“This is Lady Holmes, you two be nice,” Sir Redwood said and walked away, other policemen calling his name. Lacie looked up at Sir Vilade, the extra heart in their game.

“You should leave,” He said before Lacie had the chance to. She looked at him surprised, his cold brown eyes stared her down. She returned the stare with her icy blue ones.

“You should be the one to leave,” Lacie finally said. Sir Vilade reached into his pocket and showed her a playing card matching the one she just got. Three of hearts along with the same message she got moments ago.

“I rather you not die and it be on my hands, Lady Holmes.” His voice was surprising soft to Lacie. She looked at him confused. She finally reached into her pocket of the police uniform and pulled out her card.

“Same for you Sir Vilade,” she said. He looked at the card and back at Lacie, for a moment she thought she saw him curse.

“How many of these have you gotten,” he questioned. Lacie replaced the card in her pocket.

“Three, what about you?”

“The same. I feel as if we have been played,” Sir Vilade said with a frown. Lacie caught a faint accent when he spoke. “I came here because of I heard that other murders were happening here like the ones back home.”

“How many and where exactly,” Lacie asked. A fierce wind blew through their are. Sir Vilade tightened his coat around hima nd stuffed his gloved hands into his pockets. Lacie, who was use to the cold air, felt sorry for him. “Would you like to return to your home or somewhere else? It seems like we will have a lot of talking to do.”

Sir Vilade looked at Lacie and smiled,”I would like that very much if I had a place to stay. I just got off the train, my bags are by the gaurd right now.” Lacie felt a pang of sympathy for him. To be swept into a case in a new city that he had never been to had to be hard. The last thing she wanted was to go back home, she didn’t have anywhere else to go.

“We can go to my home where you can stay if you want,” she said. Sir Vilade nodded and smiled.

“Thank yo-” He was caught off by someone yelling. They both turned around to find the front gaurd trying to push someone away.

“Only police are allowed here, Sir!” He yelled for what seemed like the fifth time. The man kept yelling another langauge at the gaurd while he tried to get past the gaurd. He looked straight at Lacie and Sir Vilade and grinned. Sir Vilade’s eyes widen at what he saw in the man’s hands.

“Get down!” He yelled and tackled Lacie to the ground just as the explosive in the man’s hand went off. Lacie was confused and startled but she knew whoever was saving her truely saved her life. She held onto Sir Vilade with all of her might. He pinned her to the ground with both of his arms, using his back as their shield. When time seemed to start again, he opened his eyes and looked down at Lacie. “Are you ok?” Despite the shock from what happen, Lacie found the strength to nod her head.

Sir Vilade stood up and offered his hand to Lacie. She took it and stood up to fins her legs not wanting to work. Her legs buckled together and just as she was about to fall, two arms wrapped around her. “You aren’t ok,” Sir Vilade concluded.

“I’m fine,” she tried to say but it came out long and muffled. Sir Vilade grinned and hoisted Lacie up into his arms.

“I will carry you home,” he said. Lacie stared at the man in disbelief. He looked back at Sir Redwood whow as trying to give out orders. Sir Redwood nodded and waved the detectives away. “May I at least know your first name?”

“Lacie, and yours?”

“Brenson Vilade, Lacie.”

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