Chapter nine; a team made

As James paced in his room waiting for Lacie to tell her finally how he felt, he felt sick to his stomach. What if she rejected him? He couldn’t blame her, he had made her try to be nice to Rin even though how rude she was that James just now figured out. He kept thinking over what he would say and how he could say it. A part of him was excited, another part terrified.

He kept pacing until he heard the door open and Lacie’s voice. He rushed out of his room and down the stairs. “Lacie!”

“Nice place,” he heard a strange voice say. It was definitely a males with a strange accent attached to it. He stopped before he reached the bottom step. He listen carefully to hear them speak more.

“You can put me down now,” Lacie said, her voice seemed somewhat quiet compared to how James usually heard her speak. “People were giving us strange looks all the way here.”

“That’s what happens when we look like newlyweds, Lacie.” The strange man said. Lacie laughed a little bit, James smiled at the sound of her laugh then he figured out what the man said. Newlyweds? Was it true, did Lacie just get married?  James heart started to beat faster and faster. James jumped over the last few steps and into the parlor to meet Lacie and her new ‘friend’.

“James?” Lacie asked. Lacie was standing next to the man that was about James’ height. He was far more tanned than James along with his black hair and brown eyes. “I thought you would be with Rin for the rest of the day,” she said and looked away from James, not wanting to make eye contact.

“She left,” is all that James could manage to say.

“Where are my manners,” Lacie started. “This is Sir Vilade, he is detective that will be working on the case with me,” Lacie said and pointed at Brenson. Brenson tipped his head in James direction.

“It is very nice to meet you?”

“James Watson the second,” he said coldly. He looked back at Lacie,”May I speak with you for a moment?” When Lacie nodded but didn’t move neither did Brenson, he added,”In private?”

“Oh, If you want to stay in my library you can, it is right through there,” Lacie said and pointed at a door.

“Yes, I would love to.” Brenson walked into the other room but sent a glare towards James. James turned back to Lacie and walked forward until he was about a foot away from here.

“What to explain the man that is now in our home,” James asked.

“He fresh off the train and didn’t have a place to stay. We are working together on the case with me, I thought I just explained that.”

“You introduced me to him, not explaining anything else,” James said with a frown. “The Lacie I know doesn’t take in people just like that.” Lacie rolled her eyes.

“Relax, he saved my life today, it’s the least I can do.” Lacie found herself exhausted, this was to much for just one day on a case. She knew that she should probably  tell James about what happen, but she couldn’t find it in her. She lost most of the evidence because of the bomb, and Sir Redwood was probably in need of her help now. She still didn’t want to look James in the eyes after accusing Rin of being the murderer, but she knew deep in her heart that Rin was it.

“Save your life? What happen to you while you were gone?” James put is hands on her shoulders and forced her to look up at him. “Look, I’m not angry about earlier. Rin left and probably won’t ever come back, Lacie we have something to special for a person like Rin to get in the way of.”

“Are you drunk,” Lacie said as she looked up at him. James laughed a little and smiled down at her. “Look, a bomb went off at the crime scene of the newest murder, Sir Redwood is there now and Brenson and I are working together to try and solve this case as soon as possible.” She brushed off James’ hands off her shoulders and marched into the library, leaving a confused James behind.

She found Brenson with a book open in his hands about graves in Romania. He didn’t seem to notice her,”That is a wonderful book,” Lacie said with a smile. Brenson looked up from the book and closed the book. He smiled at her and set the book down on the writing desk. “Only problem is that it tries proving Dracula was truly a vampire in the final chapters.”

“I was wondering why it focused so closely on the graves near his castle, mystery solved,” he said in his dark voice. “Shall we get to work?”



Lacie and Brenson went through all of the records and evidence that Lacie had, James had wondered in sometimes but always was shoved out by Lacie. They were both exhausted when a man in the police uniform came in with a letter addressed to Lacie. She opened the letter that was clearly from Sir Redwood. She read over the letter and gasped. She gripped the bridge of her nose and let out a long sigh. “Why?” Brenson took the letter from it and read it over.

“Another murder, it has only been seven hours?” He threw the letter on the ground and stood up. “Twenty murders in all now.” Lacie’s head snapped up at the number. Brenson saw her and explained,”Three here and seventeen back in Italy. Whoever this person is, they are practically everywhere. Almost as if there are a million of them.” Then it hit Lacie like a brick wall.

“There is a million of them!” She yelled and jumped up from her seat. “It’s not just one person, its a group. It all makes since now! The man at the scene was there to get more victims and he obviously wasn’t the murderer because he is dead now. Now we have a new murder, no one in there healthy state of mind could complete that much work. I am assuming that they have a times when they murder and they are all serving one person.”

“That would make since, someone couldn’t travle that fast,” Brenson said and tried to puzzle it all together. “I had a man captured a year ago, he babbled something about a true queen. I thought he was insane, but is it possible for them to be serving a woman like a queen?”

“Yes, I had one a few days ago and he said that too. They are probably all around the world and send out messages for their times.” Brenson nodded. “The man I got arrested is in jail now, tomorrow morning we head there. I want to know everything about this queen.”

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